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4 April 2012


I've just finished building myself this new home. Come in and have a look, I hope you'll like it. It is a place for me to experiment and to share things with you. Sometimes, I will write about what is keeping me busy, which is most likely to be related to web development.

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5 April 2012

Conditionally serving high resolution images


The transition to high resolution displays – Retina or HiDPI displays in Apple's marketing terms – is happening right now. The iPhone got it in 2010, the iPad in March 2012, and Macs are around the corner. Update: The MacBook Pro with Retina Display was introduced on 11 June 2013. Rather than introducing resolution independence, Apple changes the ratio between logical pixel and device pixel. For each logical pixel, four physical pixels are displayed.

iOS uses a simple naming convention to decide between high resolution and standard resolution images within apps. If a high resolution display is available, iOS first ...

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