The Grimace Project's goal is to visualise emotions through facial expressions of a comic-style face. Emotions are an intrinsic part of our experience but for most of us are difficult to describe verbally. The primary way for us to communicate our emotions is through facial expressions. Grimace lets you pick from 6 basic emotions, combine them in arbitrary intensity and visualises the result.

It is useful for artists as a reference tool, and it has helped children on the autistic spectrum to learn about facial expressions. The project is an outcome of my master's thesis research and is an effort in information visualisation.

The visual approach is to be as expressive as possible while keeping the style simple and non-specific. The focus is on those facial features that are relevant for emotion expression, thus allowing the emotion to be expressed more clearly.

Created in cooperation with Thomas Fadrus. Inspired and commended by Scott McCloud. Supervised by Peter Purgathofer. The original implementation was done in Actionscript 3 / Flash. Grimace for iOS was released in March 2013. Visit the project website for more information.