Onzo creates hardware and software solutions that help consumers save energy and utility providers learn more about their customers. They produce an in-home energy display that displays your current electricity usage. You can upload your consumption data to Onzo's web services. A web application displays and interprets your historical data and suggests ways to reduce your energy consumption.

I designed the site structure, interaction concept and data visualisations for Onzo's next generation web solution. I implemented several iterations from early prototypes to initial production releases. The solution is developed in JavaScript and Django and is designed for great flexibility.

The site presents your energy data in comprehensible and engaging ways. Through a number of visualisations and comparisons, it tries to give you a better understanding of this intangible concept and why your behaviour matters.

Navigation is based around a dashboard page made up of small tools. Each tool shows a succinct, easily understandable summary of a specific bit of information. You can pick your favourite tools and rearrange them. Tools link to other parts of the site where you get more details.

For the project, I created a custom object-orientated JavaScript framework based on an MVC pattern and built on top of jQuery. The framework transparently handles AJAX-based communication with the data analysis back end. It also includes a highly flexible graphing framework based on Raphaƫl JS.

The graphs are fully animated, highly interactive and form a core aspect of the solution. They allow you to engage with the data; you can navigate through time, zoom in and out and get precise values.

All aspects are fully brandable via CSS. This includes the graphs, thanks to a custom CSS Parser which converts CSS properties into SVG properties. This ensures that designers have full visual control without requiring developer time.

The framework is fully portable and not tied to Onzo's in-house Django-based site. It allows future clients to integrate Onzo intelligence into their existing web solutions without requiring changes to their infrastructure.